About Forgotten Irish Dessert

Where are traditional Irish desserts gone? Remember Apple and Custard, Bread and Butter Pudding, or even Jelly and Ice Cream?

These delights used to form part of the staple of most Irish kitchen table diets. But nowadays they seem to be struck off the menu, fading into oblivion, forgotten about forever. This site is dedicated to reviving the once much loved Irish dessert that 'Mammies' down through the generations dished out denerous helpings to hungry sons and daughters alike. No dinner was complete without a bowl of jelly and icecream, gooseberry crumble, custard and biscuits or bread pudding.

The rise of the supermarket and the ever increaisng availablity of ready made desserts, cakes and sweets, coupled with the fact that most houseeholds now have both parties gone out to work, are two of the main reasons why traditional Irish desserts are disappearing.

This wiki would like to invite anyone who has a recipe that they feel should not be forgotten to add it here to share with all those who love the Irish dessert. Even if you do not have or know the full recipe, please just write down the name of the dessert.

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